French Horn Mouthpieces

French Horn MouthpieceNow available in 3 popular diameters are horn mouthpieces. Offered with 2 distinctly different cup shapes, they allow players to have a choice in tailoring their sound to the musical setting, while retaining the same rim.

The standard cups are based on the Miraphone DeRosa cups from the 1970’s. they allow a huge volume of tone with control.

“F” (Farkas-style) cups are convex in design, allowing smooth air flow and maximum flexibility.

Please refer to Mouthpiece Overlays page for a cup comparison. 

Rim contours are semi-round.

Model Inner Diameter Cup Style Bore Rim Shape
5 .650" (16.5 mm) European .177" (4.5 mm) med. wide
5F .650" (16.5 mm) Farkas .177" (4.5 mm) med. wide
7 .670" (17 mm) European .177" (4.5 mm) medium
7F  .670" (17 mm) Farkas .177" (4.5 mm) medium
9 .690" (17.5 mm) European .190" (5.1 mm) medium
9F .690" (17.5 mm) Farkas .180" (4.8 mm) medium