Mouthpiece Racks, Etc.

Mouthpiece RacksMouthpiece Racks- now only available from MouthpieceExpress.

Laser-cut, precision-bent with polished edges help protect your investment!

Available in six configurations:

  • 25 Trumpet Mouthpiece Rack (shown at right)
    perfect for home or studio!55 Trumpet Mouthpiece Rack
    if you REALLY have a lot of mouthpieces!
  • 35 Mixed Brass Rack (shown at right)
  • 22 trumpet, 10 trombone and 3 tuba
    perfect for schools and stores
  • 28 Trombone Rack
  • 26 Mixed Low Brass Rack
  • 21 trombone, 5 tuba
  • 15 Tuba Rack


Look as stylish as you play! 100% cotton t-shirt, available in white and ash. Sizes: XXL, XL, L and M. $10.00 each.