CCAPSSince their introduction in 1989, CCAPS have proven to be the best looking, best performing heavy valve cap on the market. At 1 oz. each, CCAPS have enough mass to improve the response of any trumpet.

How do they work?

By adding mass to the entry and exit points on the valve section of your horn, the trumpet's optimal resistance can be obtained. The weight of the CCAPS in the proper position on the valve section can provide a denser, more centered sound, along with a more stable harmonic series. Overall response and attacks are more even throughout the range of the horn as well. Used alone or in conjunction with the supplied shims and O-rings you can find the best combination for you.

Magnum CCAPS

Magnum CCAP MAGNUM CCAPS are specifically designed for players that want the utmost in slotting and projection. At 1.75 oz. each   they provide the slotting stability that lets you perform with confidence under the loudest conditions! Note: These are 1" in total length. Your horn may not fit into your standard hard case without removal. Consider a gig bag. (Magnum CCAPS are available in #1, #2, #3, #4 sizes only.)

XXCAPS Trim Kits


XXCAPS Trim Kits are here! "XXCAP" YOUR BACH STRAD or your YAMAHA!!

A 9-piece kit that includes:

  • 3 heavy buttons
  • 3 recessed heavy top CCAPS
  • 3 heavy bottom CCAPS
  • shims and O-rings

XXCAPS Trim Kits are available in gold plate, silver plate, and raw brass. I use Manufacturer OEM top cap bumpers and felts to preserve original alignment. 


CCAPS are available for these instruments:

CCAPS Size Inner Diameter Fits these horns
  & Thread Pitch  
#1 .725" 36 TPI Yamaha (American models), King, Benge 90 series, Stomvi and V Raptor
#2 .710" 32 TPI Bach Stradivarius
#3 .710" 36 TPI Schilke, Benge, Most Kanstul produced trumpets
#4 .735" 36 TPI Getzen, Holton Sandoval T257
#5 .725" 32 TPI Blackburn, Most Calicchios
#6 .710" 40 TPI Blessing, Holton ST 307
#7 .781" 40 TPI Conn Connstellation (most)
#8 .750" 36 TPI Jupiter, Olds (most), and others
#9 .750" 32 TPI ***Discontinued****
YFL .781" 36 TPI Yamaha flugels 631, 73
CFL .757" 32 TPI Couesnon flugels
B&S .711" .75mm B&S Challeger Trpt, Flugel. Scodwell (CarolBrass)
J .725" .5mm Yamaha (Japanese), 6310Z Flugel
K O.D. .695" Selmer "K" (K Radial can use only 2 CCAPS)
CG O.D. .706" 36 TPI Claude Gordon Selmer only
T .715" 36 TPI Bach TR 300
X .710" 32 TPI Bach Stradivarious ONLY!
X-Y .725" 36 TPI Most Yamaha trumpets


Mounting Methods

  1. Stretch the o-rings over the valve casing threads and screw CCAPS on. The amount of tension can be varied on each valve. This is the darkest sounding method. Shims are not used in this method.
  2. Insert the o-ring into the CCAP and the lay the brass shim on top. This has the effect of "grounding out" the bottom of each valve and the effects are slightly different. Resulting sound is less dark than method #1.
  3. Screw the CCAPS on as you would any other valve cap. This method retains some of the brightness of your horn and provides some slot-lock.
  4. Screw #1 and #2 on normally (no 0-rings or shims). Drop 2 shims in #3 and screw CCAP on. This is slightly brighter than #3.
  5. Any combination of #1, #2, #3, or #4. No two horns or players are alike. You will have to experiment to see which method is best for your needs.