Sound Sleeves

Sound SleevesStandard Sound Sleeve (far left) is best for all-around work, balanced to give the right amount of slot-lock and sound centering qualities. Also available Sound Sleeve “Y” model (not shown) fits slightly higher up on the shank to accommodate the longer Yamaha and Benge trumpet receivers.

The Lead Sleeve (2nd from left) is designed for upper-register playing, where you want a maximum amount of control without hindering high notes. It weighs nearly as much as the standard Sound Sleeve, but since it's mass is distributed over a greater length, it's effects are more subtle.

MEGASLEEVE (center) is designed for players that want to add that Heavy-weight sound to their present mouthpiece. With this mounted on your mouthpiece you will be able to play with incredible volume without having the sound “break up.” Comes in sizes to fit Bach, Schilke, and Curry mouthpieces. note: the Only difference of the 3 sizes is how far the megasleeve fits the different shanks.

Cornet Sleeve (2nd from right) has to be shorter in overall length due to the shorter shank of standard cornet mouthpieces. Mark Curry has compensated for this by making it larger in diameter. It has many of the tone-darkening and centering characteristics of the standard Sound Sleeve. Cornet sleeves fit Bach Style cornet pieces only. They do not fit Curry cornet mouthpieces.

The Monster sleeve (far right) gives the ultimate in slot-lock and center. The inner dimensions of this monster sleeve fit the exterior of the Curry standard blank exactly! No set-screw needed. For Curry standard trumpet blank only.

Important Note: The marking die for the traditional Sound Sleeve is lost (or misplaced)! Until further notice, the SS-2016 (pictured on right) will replace the older Sound Sleeve. Dimensionally they are identical.

Sound Sleeves old and new