Trombone Mouthpieces

Trombone MouthpiecesThe same digital technology used for trumpet mouthpieces is now available for trombone. You can now use the same rim for all your playing needs. Up to 3 different cup depths are available to help you tailor your sound to the setting. The heavier Curry Blank requires a slightly larger throat and backbore than standard. The extra mass allows for a denser, richer tone and better projection.

S cups are slightly shallower than Bach C cups and produce a sparkling, compact sound. Good for commercial and big band lead work.

C cups are based on an old New York design. Excellent for all-around work.

M cups are slightly deeper and more conical than the C cups. You can attain a deeper, richer tone when it's required.

G cups are the “standard” for symphonic tenor. More cup-shaped than conical, you can achieve a variety of tone colors with this cup.

D cups are designed for orchestral tenor and bass trombone where a dark, powerful tone is preferred. D cups also can be used with great success on the euphonium. Diameters are equivalent to industry standards.

Cup Diameters are measured .065" from the top of the rim to allow for average lip intrusion into the mouthpiece. Stock models are offered in small and large shanks for the player who routinely switches from tenor to large tenor or bass trombone. Euro "mid-size" shanks are special order.  Throats and backbores are adjusted accordingly.

Cup and Rim Diameters

  12 11 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.5 1.25 1 60
  I.D. .954" .964" .974" .988" 1.006" 1.013" 1.033" 1.081" 1.103" 1.110" 1.120" 1.136"
  24.2 mm 24.5 mm 24.75 mm 25.1 mm 25.5 mm 25.75 mm 26.2 mm 27.5 mm 28 mm 28.2mm 28.4 mm 28.85 mm
shallow V 12S 11S 7S                  
classic C 12C 11C 7C 6C 5C 4C            
medium V 12M 11M 7M 6M Sm Shank 5M Sm Shank 4M Sm Shank 3M Small Shank   1.5M Sm Shank 1.25M Sm Shank    
        6M Lg Shank 5M Lg Shank 4M Lg Shank 3M Lg Shank   1.5M Lg Shank 1.25M Lg Shank    
classic G         5G Sm Shank 4G Sm Shank     1.5G Sm Shank 1.25G Sm Shank 1G Sm Shank  
          5G Lg Shank 4G Lg Shank     1.5G Lg Shank 1.25G Lg Shank 1G Lg Shank  
          5D Sm Shank 4D Sm Shank 3D Sm Shank 2D Sm Shank     1D Sm shank  
conical V       6D Lg shank 5DLg Shank 4D Lg Shank 3D Lg Shank 2D Lg Shank 1.5D Lg Shank   1D Lg Shank 60X Lg Shank

Throats and Backbores

Mouthpiece Type Throat Backbore
S cup mouthpieces .237" (6 mm) #375
C cup mouthpieces .233" (5.9 mm) #375
M Cup mouthpieces (small shank) .257" (6.5mm) #375S
M Cup mouthpieces (large shank) .276" (7mm) bore #440S
G & D cup mouthpieces (small shank) .276" (7 mm) #375S
G cup mouthpieces (large shank) .278" (7.06 mm) #440S
Bass trombone mouthpieces .288" (7.3mm) #440